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SMM-агентство SMMashing Media
19 мая 2014, 23:50

Digital Producer



Primary Responsibilities:

  • Translate business goals and creative briefs into action;
  • Be responsible for project budgets and planning process;
  • Find contractors and assemble a project team;
  • Prioritize and organize task/people assignments;
  • Managing the team and clients through the project cycle and guiding them technically and creatively in line with brief direction.


  • Two year’s digital production industry-related experience;
  • Leadership abilities, such as being able to work independently and to identify and resolve issues with a positive outcome;
  • Strong ability to evaluate product, coupled with a refined intuition into what makes a product good;
  • An understanding of and ability to integrate marketing concepts with product development’s creative initiative behind the product;
  • A willingness to take and manage risks and tolerates failure as a step toward growth;
  • Ability to build a strong effective team; effective at selecting strong people or coaching employees through performance issues;
  • Understanding current web-design trends is always a plus;
  • An outstanding demonstrated passion and knowledge of advertisement sphere is always a plus.

Terms and conditions:

  • Well-known worldwide logos in the «Clients» section;
  • Centrally located office, «we are also working on Leo Tolstoy»;
  • A great young team, fun corporate events;
  • The working day starts from 11:00, the last turns off the lights;
  • Big love in addition to a decent salary.

mailto: wassup@pichesky.ru

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