Social Marketing Manager, Russia

28 июля 2013, 17:30

Social Marketing Manager, Russia

Edinburgh, Glasgow
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Краткое описание вакансии:

Working closely with our Social Marketing team, the Social Marketing Manager (Russia) will be responsible for shaping and leading Skyscanner’s social media strategy in Russia. If you’re a social media savvy, native Russian speaker with a good sense of humour, read on!


Role Overview

Skyscanner is looking for highly motivated, experienced and creative Social Marketing Manager for the Russian market to increase Skyscanner online presence and continue to develop its social media strategy and brand recognition. You will shape and lead the social media strategy in Russia on all the relevant social networks, contributing to improve our brand recognition and to deliver highly-creative, unique social marketing campaigns.

Duties and Responsibilities:

You will:

  • Be a native Russian speaker with good knowledge of the Russian culture and travel habits;
  • Develop and continuously improve the social media strategy for the Russian market, in collaboration with the social marketing team;
  • Assume responsibility on interactions within company social media presence (Facebook, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Twitter, VKontakte, Google Plus, etc.) identifying opportunities of engagement with the target audience across all social channels and markets;
  • Monitor social mentions on the web and take appropriate actions;
  • Help to create and expand brand awareness and Skyscanner presence on social networks according to the general social strategy best practice and to the Brand guidelines;
  • Monitor and improve brand reputation via all social channels;
  • Use a defined toolkit to help to measure and monitor social activity- find out what works, adjust and improve communications, tactics, campaigns etc: download Facebook Reports, update social dashboard and help to identify main achievements or poor performing actions, keep records of the findings, suggest new actions;
  • Help in the creation, management and monitoring of social paid ads: copy writing or proof-reading; image uploading; budget, bidding and performance checks in collaboration with social marketing campaign managers;
  • Alert and respond/react to changes within social networks — functionality, etiquette, reporting etc;
  • Monitor and present relevant data, trends, successes, exceptions in Russia in relation to social media and travel etc;
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring: monitor closely what competitors are doing, which promotions, contests or initiatives are trending on Russian social platforms.
  • Utilise well developed web etiquette skills to ensure we deliver the right message online, help people, stimulate discussions, encourage debate etc. Help to get ‘on brand’ real time content writing, online discussion, interactions, flight search and promotion in reply to specific requests etc;
  • Find appropriate travel-related material (images, videos, elements of interest to use on social networks) and suggest relevant, engaging and creative ideas to promote the Skyscanner brand to the Russian audience;
  • Report to the Head of Social Marketing, Europe;
  • Work closely and collaboratively with corporate communications, the pr and content managers for Russia.

Desired Qualities:

  • Creativity, enthusiasm, sense of humour; social media enthusiast, aware of cultural differences and tone of voice. Responsible and comfortable with accountability.
Desired Skills and Knowledge:
  • Social Media Savvy: you will be expected to be familiar with the majority of social platforms around the world and have significant experience with the main Russian social networks;
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken) and native in Russian;
  • Capable of giving a creative input on content and developing ideas on social media viral marketing;
  • Good copy-writing skills;
  • Analytical skills; good Excel knowledge.

Submit your CV with details on the following:

Tell us about:

  • An example of a very engaging/fun VK post you’ve seen, or even one you’ve created yourself (include link please);
  • The best social media campaign in travel that you’ve come across (include relevant screenshots or links);
  • A cheeky tweet you’d post to attract new followers to Skyscanner Russia’s Twitter account;
  • Your current notice period, and estimated salary expectations (include link please).

Please, send your CV to, Denis.

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