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Vik Vork

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Мои услуги: I kept putting my hands on my hips and turning from one side to the other. I even lifted my dress to see how my panties and stockings fit. The last thing I put on was clip on earrings.... perfect. Sheila smiled and handed me a down a little (good thing my butt was still greasy) and pushed it to the hilt. After a deep breath and a few whimpers,I regained my composure and he began fucking the hell out of me. I thought.... I'm really liking this,I must be losing it. It seems that I really enjoy being butt fucked by bbc. Now he's really pounding my hole and I'm squealing and moaning.
Немного обо мне: "Your lipstick and condoms....USE THEM. There is a car waiting downstairs." I went downstairs to the car waiting for me,got in and we left. I looked up in the mirror and saw familiar eyes. "Hi Damien." "Hi Danni, you're looking really hot,got a date?" He asked. "I guess." I responded. "I' was not quite as big as Damien, but big enough. "You like black cock, don't you, you sissy slut?" He barked humiliatingly, grabbing my hair and fucking my mouth. "I want your cock in my butt.... please." I begged. "What was that sissy?" He teased. "I'm dying for you to butt fuck me until I cum." With that he picked me up and stood me up against some leaning mattresses and pulled my dress up around my waist.
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