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Darae Seong

Немного обо мне: My name is Darae Seong, I'm 26 years old. I've been in the online world for six years, I'm a tester. Our website https://www.infinite.international/, we are passionate about helping businesses distribute live content around the world. Live streaming can be a great way to promote your business, it's got advantages, and you can integrate it into your website for e-commerce as well as social media applications. Live streaming sales permit celebrities bloggers, retailers and other celebrities to sell products and services online. The host demonstrates and discusses the product provided and addresses questions from viewers in real-time. The broadcast may be broadcast on the site of an online store or on a social media site. You can make it a review of one brand or an whole store. Live broadcasts permit bloggers to advertise products that were sent to them from different vendors. Live streaming has become an extremely popular tool to sell online. This trend of selling on live broadcasts is increasing in popularity around the world. The following elements make up the online broadcast Video stream in which the host shows products talk about them, and addresses questions from the crowd. The current highlighted product is listed in a table of items. This list is at the bottom and can be accessed via the video stream. Chat area in which viewers can ask questions or post comments and chat with the presenter and other viewers. A animated emoticon that shows an option for users to use to share their thoughts. Online viewers can navigate to pages with information about the product at any time without missing the live stream. This feature is referred to as a stream viewer. The use of live streaming for online commerce is only in its infancy We provide solutions to help promote your business in real-time.
Город: Busan, South Korea
Личный сайт: https://www.infinite.international/
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