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Elina Yang

Место работы: Hiking Machinery
Работает с: 1 января 2021
Немного обо мне: Hey there, my name isDenny Cyan, I am from Germany, I am operating at Hiking Laser screed, we are an expert manufacturer of concrete machinery. Our major products are laser screed, power screed, power trowel, truss screed, flight on power trowel and also roller screed, please contact us if you require these products. As a Civil Design (Road as well as Bridge) grad, I love the Civil Design profession and have spent a good deal of passion and power into it. I have been actively joining a selection of expert practice opportunities, the fundamental understanding of housing construction and layout of some standard knowledge and collected a great deal of field experience. A collection of organizational work has allowed me to collect beneficial social work experience, to ensure that I have actually found out to assume, discover to act, learn exactly how to collaborate with others, exercise the organizational abilities and interaction and also sychronisation skills, as well as grow the suggestion of tireless, happy to dedicate, care about the cumulative, practical as well as modern!
Город: Malibu
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