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Aaron Li

Место работы: France
Должность: France
Работает с: 1 января 2021, 00:00
Немного обо мне: My name is Aaron Li, I am from the United States, I am focused on the sales and also production of concrete as well as construction equipment, I know with the real estate task growth process, building and construction regulation and also associated construction industry guidelines and approval requirements, master the building process of civil design, a certain engineering strategy evaluate capacity, great building and construction website company and also coordination, job administration abilities. Abundant experience in construction management and also functional experience in managing a team, solid capacity to resist pressure and aggressive work. Diligent and also committed, genuine, positive, positive, with a strong sense of obligation. Broad-minded, responsive, with strong logical thinking capability, easy to approve new expertise swiftly. Today, our company generates the adhering to machines: laser screed, power screed, power trowel, truss screed, flight on power trowel and also roller screed, welcome good friends from all walks of life to speak with as well as get.

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