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Немного обо мне: While Stephanie worked on the relatively simple task of producing a second batch of blue pills, Pao and I worked on the one problem that still remained: perfecting the orange formula, the one that had transformed me. I shuddered just remembering it. It had felt like my body was rejecting itself, pain and nausea wracking my body, barely able to breathe, my heart almost exploding. It wasn't enough to recreate it. I needed to test it and see just how safe it was. The plan had been to administer it to a group of lab mice and see just what effect it had on them over the course of a week. Things went off-track though when every single male lab mouse that was given the formula died. Around half died from a heart attack within the first hour. The rest suffered from immediate organ failure and didn't last much longer. "It's no good. The process essentially sets the body to rebuild itself. It's like trying to demolish and rebuild a skyscraper in a single day. Perhaps if we slowed the process down?" Dr. Pao observed. "You think I haven't tried that? Slowing the process down gives the viral agent enough time to locate the XY chromosome. It works, but only if the subject doesn't mind losing their manhood," I answered. "A-ah. Of course, sir." Pao fidgeted, blushed. The less respect I showed her, the more timid and aroused she became, "Then maybe your hypothesis was right, and the process is—" A high-pitched beep interrupted her, signalling that the blood analysis she'd thought to give me had finished. Even if she was heavily under the influence of the blue pill, she was just like me in that research came first. She plopped down to the computer chair and began to look through the results. She was silent for a long minute, not even noticing me as I looked over her shoulder. We stared silently at the monitor, parsing the results, minds racing to analyze what they meant. "Well damn. Maybe I am a bit too reckless." I said after a minute of reading, "How common is that genetic marker?" I hadn't survived out my transformation on willpower alone. It wasn't that humans were naturally hardier and could survive the process. Instead, it appeared that there was a unique interaction with a part of my DNA and the formula, a strange feedback loop that stabilized the process and reduced the rejection that had killed the lab mice. "One second, sir. Let me check." Pao said as she searched through the database, "It is...oh dear...one in ten thousand." One in ten thousand. I had better odds of rolling five dice and coming up snake eyes on all of them. My stomach flipped as I realized just how lucky I was. ...or was it luck? I was a man of science, but I couldn't help but the further I went with this research, the more I used the blue pill to grow my harem, the more I was beginning to think that this was my destiny, that I had been put on this earth to rule over its women and usher in a new golden age. "Still. This gives us an answer. If we can synthetically mimic this gene, then perhaps—" "I've got the pizzas!" Stephanie came in carrying three boxes stacked high. The aroma hit my nose, and I could hear my stomach grumbling. I looked at the clock and saw it was past nine. I'd lost track of the time. And skipped lunch. Twenty minutes later and the boxes were empty. I'd gone through two of them myself, while the third pizza had been split somewhat equally between the three of us. "I never thought working at Dynamic Medical could be so fun," Stephanie said as she finished her last slice, "All of this stuff is so state-of-the-art, and our last boss was so busy pushing papers, they never helped out in the lab." Dr. Pao averted her eyes downward, looking at her lap, "Oh, well, thank you. I don't...I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I just thought..." Now that work and food were taken care of, there was something I'd been putting off. Stephanie had done her work commendably, and we now had a large supply of blue pills, sixty in all. I held up three fingers, two pills nestled between them."Jian, you've done a lot today to get into my good graces, and it's time for a reward." I looked to Stephanie. Plain, mousy Stephanie, with her skinny body, almost flat chest, frizzy hair, and thick glasses, "You as well. You've been supporting me from the beginning. It's time for you two to receive my gifts. Kneel on the floor, promise to obey me, and recognize me as your superior. Then, I'll give you a pill. And I'll fuck your brains out." Both women didn't know how to react at first. Dr. Pao was the first to move, getting out of her chair and going to her knees, crawling towards me. She'd do anything to feel my cock inside of her, even if she looked so embarrassed she could die. Stephanie though. She'd never taken one of the pills. I'd never given her any hypnotic suggestions. But she'd been with me all this time. She'd seen what I'd done to my family. She saw what I'd done to Pao. And I'd watched her. She was scared, timid, a deer caught in the headlights. But beneath that, she was jealous, anxious, eager. Slowly, she got out of her chair too. She walked towards me before sinking to her knees next to Pao. "Is...is this really okay?" She asked. I smiled down at her, "From now on, you don't need to worry about anything." I held the pill between two fingers and pushed it into her mouth. She was reverent as she took it, eyes closed as her tongue coiling around my fingers before she swallowed it with a gulp. She opened her eyes and looked up at me expectantly, "I don't feel any..." And then she froze, slipping into the now familiar hypnotic trance. "What happened to her? Is she going to be alright?" Pao asked, her concern damping down her lust a little. Rather than wasting time answering, I put my hand over Pao's mouth and addressed Stephanie directly, "I am your Master." "You are...my Master..." "You serve and obey me." "I serve...and obey..." "You want to be the best slave you can be." "The best...slave..." "You will dedicate your life to me." "Dedicate...my life..." Stephanie's eyes brightened back up as the trance wore off, "...different. Did you give me any...oh. Ohhh..." She started squirming on her knees. Unlike the others, she knew about the pills and their powerful hypnotic abilities, giving her an awareness of the commands I'd given her, "It's so...it's so natural. It's so right. It feels so good. Master...you're my Master now! Oh god...Master...I love saying that. I...I love you, Master! I've loved you for so long and..." "Silence." Her mouth snapped shut immediately, shocking her a little with just how quickly and automatic obeying was for her now. I looked to Pao, the other pill between my fingers, "Your turn now." "You're going to do the same thing to me, aren't you...? Make me your slave?" She stayed on her knees; we both knew she couldn't resist, even knowing what lay ahead of her. "Does that sound so bad?" I asked. "It...no. It doesn't. It sounds...amazing. Hot. So very, very hot. You're not like any man I've ever met. You're a genius and a stud and you're going to change this world. Reshape it. I want to be there, clinging to your leg as you sit upon your throne. Please...Master...make me yours." She opened up her mouth, let her long wet tongue hang out of it. At this point, I didn't even need to dose her with another pill. But better safe than sorry, wasn't it? I pushed it into her mouth and she suckled on my fingers for a few seconds before swallowing the pill. "I'm ready. Master...will you please..." Dr. Pao's eyes went dull. I corrected my thinking. To the rest of the world she might be Dr. Pao, one of the world's leading researchers into genetic engineering, on the shortlist for the Nobel prize, an inspiration to thousands of women around the world...but to me, she was now simply Jian, a clever slavegirl within my harem. "You are my slave." "I am...your slave..." "You exist to serve me." "I exist...to serve you..." "You dedicate your life to me." "I dedicate...my life..." "I am your Master." "You are...my Master..." Her eyes fluttered and Jian awakened to her new reality, "...fuck me, Master?" Stephanie didn't want to be left out, "Me too, Master. Please fuck me. I've dreamt about it so many times!" I pulled the chopsticks out of the bun in Jian's hair and let the dark black, silky hair flow freely around her face before I took a firm grip of it and pulled her to her feet, "You first. Come here." Jian let out a squeal of excitement at the same time that Stephanie moaned with frustration. I undid the front of my pants and let my cock come out. It was already hard and eager to breed, pleasant tingles running up my spine as I put Jian on my lap. "Up on the table, Steph. Spread your legs. Show me how much you need my cock." My former assistant and now slave was only too happy to comply, "Yes, Master!" She shucked off her own white lab coat, then the blouse underneath, the buttons popping out in her haste. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath, though with her slight chest she had little need for one. Next she was wiggling out of her skirt and panties, leaving on the practical sneakers and long socks she was sporting. In all honesty, her body was much nicer than I'd ever given her credit for. Somewhat similar to Mia in that she was petite, but a bit more gangly and awkward rather than the delicate angel Mia had become. That was before the pill though. I was already imagining what she'd look like in just a few hours. While the naked Stephanie began to pleasure herself on top of the table, I turned my attention back to the curvy, delicious Jian, her hips rolling on my thigh, her juices leaving a stain, "You became a fine slut for me." She bit down on her lower lip, "Thank you...thank you, Master!" I used both hands to knead her large, full breasts, her mouth hanging open as she noisily moaned, "You're not going to be the last either. This whole company is going to be mine. Hell, I might not even stop there." "Ohhh...yes, Master! Don't stop! The world should be your harem! Everyone should know just how wonderful this feels!" Jian enthusiastically agreed, showing no problem with betraying her coworkers. Hell, she didn't have a problem with betraying humanity. I loved it. I grabbed her ass and with ease, I lifted her up, guided her to the tip of my cock. Her breathing sped up as I let the tip rub against her, and she let out a high-pitched cry as I lowered her down onto it. Her pussy was the wettest I'd fuck, no doubt because I'd kept her on edge the entire day denying her release, and the internal muscles were coiling, sucking me in. I gave her voluptuous ass a loud smack with my palm, "Don't just sit there. Move." "Hiiiii...!! Yes, sir!" The pain was like an aphrodisiac to her. She started bouncing in my lap, hardly wasting any time on the windup before she had picked up enough speed that her breasts were bouncing along with her in an almost hypnotic pattern. Grabbing Jian's hips, I forced myself deeper inside of her. Her plump ass jiggled with every thrust. "You've been waiting for it all day, haven't you? You've been aching for this moment. Well, take it! Come for me, Jian!" I growled as I could feel myself hit my limit. "Yes, yes, Master!" she gasped, her pussy tightening up, spasming around my cock as her whole body clenched, "Ohhh...Master, it feels so amazing, I can't...I can't stop...!" "Who owns you?" I demanded. "You! You do, Master! Please, come inside me!" she begged as she hugged me tight, those fantastic breasts of her pressed tight against my chest. I let myself go, exploding my cum into her womb, all of the pent up lust and tension that had built up through the working day released in a single moment as I flooded her womb with my cum. "Mr. White...Master...you filled me up so much...so much of your..." Jian froze up. Even if I hadn't delivered it to her orally, my very special cum still sent her off into her final hypnotic trance as her body completely imprinted upon me. I'd be her master forever now. I didn't need to give her any additional programming, so I looked to Stephanie. Poor, neglected Stephanie. "Master..." She whimpered, her fingers working in and out of her dripping pussy, "Please...please let me serve, please fuck me, please..." I easily manhandled Jian, setting her back on her knees on the floor even as she remained unresponsive. Standing up, I reached out to Stephanie and put my hand on her head, "So eager. But you're a scientist too. Look at yourself. Do you think your body is ready for this?" I took her hand and guided it towards my still half-hard shaft, so thick around that she couldn't encircle it with her thumb and forefinger. So big that for a woman who hadn't taken a blue pill, it would certainly be painful at the very least. "But...but..." I put a finger to her lips, "Tomorrow. I want these lips of yours to be the first thing I feel around my cock in the morning. Think you can handle that?" Her face was a mix of excitement and frustration, "Yes...yes, Master...tomorrow." Tomorrow, I'd see what she looked like after her transformation. Tomorrow, I would continue the work. The strain I developed might only work for me, but that didn't matter in the long run. I could develop new versions of the formula. I would need more test subjects though. The results I could glean from lab mice would always be limited. Perhaps I could find some volunteers here? "Cum...oozing out of me, it's so..." Jian's trance broke, her head whipping around as she felt a bit of disorientation of moving from my lap to the floor, "Master. Is there anything else I can do for you?" I shook my head. "Both of you go home and get some sleep. We've a long day ahead of us tomorrow."
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