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Немного обо мне: "Uhmm. Either one is so good, so long, so hard," she started, by now intimately knowing what he liked to hear. "The way they fill me up. I can't wait to get to Ryan, I know he's going to do me so good. His cock is thicker and longer than Albert..." she continued, as she had before, telling the nuances, the similarities and differences between Albert and Ryan's cocks. Unsaid was the comparison to Oscar himself. "Ryan's cock is so pretty, the head always visible, so smooth and purple and the way he moans when I take it in my mouth...." Not surprisingly, Oscar came long before she did, his cum spreading over her pussy and clit, making their touching more slippery, more tantalizing, his cock stimulating her that much faster. She continued talking about the feel of Ryan's circumcised cock, Alberts skinnier but oh-so-hard cock between her breasts and the way neither of them could keep their hands away from her nipples or how Ryan's hands always seemed to be on her ass. She continued with saying how, even though she'd stayed away from Albert and Maria for the last few weeks to build her anticipation of being with Ryan to a peak, she knew she was going to visit them sometime after she got back and "borrow" Albert for the evening. "It's ok though, I'll be sure and tell you about how good Ryan fucks me when I come home." Even though he came first, at least he knew to continue rubbing his cock against her clit until she shuddered, pulling him down against her to stop his motions. ~ Amazingly the four women all arrived in San Jose within one hour of each other, although it was nearly midnight. The company had made shuttle arrangements, by the time they were delivered to their hotel, it was 1 am. Lori, who had traveled the shortest distance, seemed to be the bleariest eyed as to her it was 4 am. Tina, having come from Finland, at the moment was nearly totally upside down as it was nearly afternoon back in Helsinki. Lori and Sherry took the one room with Tina joining Irene. Unlike Spain, here they each had a Queen-sized bed to themselves. Tina immediately began to unpack, hanging clothes, putting her folding clothes into drawers. When she offhandedly asked Irene if she was going to unpack, all she had to do was glance over at Irene and realize that she wasn't planning on staying, and said "Oh, I wasn't thinking. When does he get here?" "Tomorrow," Irene answered, "He lives close enough that he didn't have to be here tonight, but he's going to stay the rest of the time with all of us." Lying under the covers as she was, her hand idly stroked her body, imagining that in less than 24 hours, it would again be Ryan doing so. Her nipples responded to her own touch, and although she hadn't yet reached into her panties, she knew she was becoming aroused. Whether she masturbated tonight or not would depend on how soon she, or Tina, fell asleep. But, after all their travels, even with the upside-down time zones, they were all in bed rapidly and despite being tired, neither was truly ready to go to sleep. Lying in bed they brought each other up to date on everything that had transpired since they'd last been together. Tina said that when she'd told about going to the beaches, that her husband had suggested they get away and do the same, and they'd managed to get away for a 4-day weekend. She said that when she'd shared with her husband that two of her co-workers had hooked up, but didn't tell him which two, he'd thought that was hot. Irene noticed that Tina tossed and turned, fluffed her pillow and rearranged herself before she let out a quiet sigh. "What's the matter?" she asked, not quite ready to go to sleep herself, but obviously more comfortable than Tina. Tina giggled, and rearranged herself once again. "Truthfully?" "Of course," Irene answered, her curious aroused by the seeming hiding of something. "Do you know what my husband thought was the hottest thing that I said happened when I told him about our two weeks?" "No idea," Irene answered after briefly thinking about it, and realizing she really had no idea how she had told him, or what she had told him. "When you loaned me your friend that night... he thought that was the hottest thing. He marveled at how big I said it was, and how I'd been able to fit it inside me." "He did?" What else was there for Irene to say in response? "I haven't been able to get it off my mind either. I was going to visit the toy store and get one for me, but just didn't get it done while I was home. Hopefully I'll be able to do that while we're here." Suddenly it dawned on Irene what Tina was hinting at. "Are you saying you would like to borrow it again?" It was obviously a bit sheepishly that Tina said, "Could I?" "Tonight?" she responded, realizing even as she said it that Tina had basically told her she was all pent up and needed an orgasm to relax. Tina didn't need answer, without waiting, Irene drew the covers aside and padded over to her bag set on the stand where she hadn't had to unpack it. Turning on the light, she opened the suitcase and found her friend in the side pocket. She always washed it before putting it away, so just turned and held it out to Tina. "Thank you," she said, sitting up to take the toy, unabashedly exposing the upper half of her naked body as she did. At least Irene assumed she was naked as she'd almost always slept nude, even though Irene was there. Turning back to turn the light out before she went back to bed, she was interrupted by Tina. "Irene?" "Yes?" she stopped and glanced back at Tina who was obviously quite comfortable in her body, making no effort to hide. She thought of herself, and how she'd initially kept her nightie or bra or clothes on and changed in the other room, but had gradually loosened up a bit, knowing that by the end of their time together she'd been naked where Tina could have seen her too. "You're welcome to borrow my toy." Irene paused, suddenly realizing that Tina had read her better than she'd read herself. Or, perhaps Tina had seen, whereas in her mind Irene was pretending it wasn't going to happen. She'd been slowly stroking her body under the covers, pretending she wasn't going to but, in reality, she was also horny and just pretending she wasn't. She'd been thinking about Ryan for the last week, had actually tried to keep herself from having sex the last few days purposely so she would be all pent up and ready for Ryan, although she hadn't been able to turn down Oscar and despite her inability to turn her husband down, was quite pent up emotionally. She wanted to be with Ryan right now, feeling his cock pleasuring her much better than her plastic friend could. And now, knowing that Tina was going to be pleasuring herself right there in the bed just a few feet away from her, she felt a burst of heat in her groin. "I'd like to try it," she said simply. Tina pulled her own covers aside confirming that, as Irene had suspected, she was totally nude. Sitting up she reached over and into the bedside nightstand, pulled her toy out, and held it out for Irene. "It's clean, I wash it every time," she said. "I do too," Irene said, even though she knew that Tina had seen it in the bathroom and knew that she did. Turning back once again she turned the light out and walked back to her bed. As she reached the edge of the bed she stopped and thought to herself, who am I fooling? She glanced back at Tina, barely visible after the light had destroyed her night vision and decided. She pulled her pajamas off, dropped them in a pile beside the bed, and dropped her panties with them. Sliding naked into bed she felt the sheet against her body, sensuous in its own right. "Ohhhh!" She heard Tina exhale from the other bed. "God this is so big!" Her own hands had been stroking her body, this time with the little toy in them, although still turned off. The smooth slick plastic caressed her nipples, and later her pussy, slipping easily against her clit from her juices. She finally forced the Tina's going to hear thought out of her mind when she heard a wet sound from the other bed. Glancing over at the opposite bed, she could see that Tina was now on top of the covers on her back, her knees bent and spread and could tell from the motions that Tina had taken no time at all to begin masturbating. She heard the squelching sound once again, this time with an exhalation through her nose, as Tina was obviously fucking herself with her monster toy. Tina's tinier vibrating toy was resting against Irene's clit when she hit the button and was unable to withhold an audible gasp when the vibrations started. She had to immediately move the vibrator off her clit, the vibrations too intense, but rapidly found out how to use it. Moving it around her labia, slipping it into her vagina and pressing it against her g-spot, tantalizing her clit from the inside, pulling it out of herself and teasing her nipples which responded with sharp bolts of sensation to her clit, she discovered the reason that Tina carried one with her all the time. Her first orgasm arrived with the vibrator in her vagina, and for perhaps the first time ever, the continuous vibrations didn't allow her to recover. She almost turned it off, but the constriction of her pelvis, the continued intense feeling between her legs convinced her to keep it on. The initial contractions of her orgasm over, she moved the vibrator around, and this time when she came near her clit, the numbness from her initial orgasm reduced the intensity of the vibrations, and she was able to hold it against her clit. As it touched her, she pressed it harder against her most sensitive spot, feeling a warm, intense sensation growing inside her. Unlike any arousal, any orgasm, she'd ever had, the warmth continued, rising and concentrating in and on her clit until with a gargled "argh" her body tensed, contracted, her hips rising off the bed, and she stayed in that orgasmic state. Almost painful in its intensity, she was torn between continuing to press the vibrator against herself or to rip it away. Almost with a mind of its own her thumb finally found the off button and the vibrator turned off. She could hear the beat of her heart, the throbbing of the blood in her veins, in her ears. Gradually her body relaxed, she hadn't realized as she turned it off that she'd continued to arch her pelvis upwards, but now her bottom fell back to the sheets. Her fingers explored her body, eliciting shivers as she found her nipples, and marveled at how wet she was when she explored her labia, inserting them slightly in her vagina, slowly backing herself down from her orgasm. "That was a good one, huh?" Tina said into the dark. A flush of embarrassment heated Irene's face. She wasn't sure how, never having talked with anyone about masturbation before, but something about the lack of embarrassment, the openness of Tina, caused her to respond. "Sounded like you enjoyed it also." "Oh yeah." She giggled, "You know, I never thought about a big cock before. I've always been very satisfied with my husband and what he does for me, but...." She drifted off. "But?" Irene said, wiping the vibrator on the sheets as she did. Rolling onto her side she placed it onto the top of her pajamas and panties beside the bed. Looking over at Tina, she could see she was still lying on top of the sheets, now looking over at her. "How big did you say Ryan is?" "I don't remember saying, but he's a little over 17 cm's." "Wow." She giggled again. "I measured my husband while we were home, he's right at 13.5 cm's, almost exactly average." Irene didn't say anything, and after a short pause, she said, "Did you know that statistically about 98% of all men are between 12.5 and 14.5 cm's? I looked it up." "No, I didn't know that." "Ever since I played with your toy last time, I just keep thinking about a big cock, what it would really be like to be fucked by one, even just what it would be like to see one. What was it you said, 'size is for pleasure?" "You've seen Ryan." "Yes, but I haven't seen him hard." They both lay there quietly, Irene thinking back over the last few months and how, after having experienced Ryan, she also hadn't been able to think of anything else. But in her case, she'd done something about it. "Tina?" "Yeah?" "I had an affair." "Yeah, of course. With Ryan." "No, with my girlfriend's husband." She found herself telling about Maria and Albert, how she'd found herself craving what her husband couldn't give her, how she'd fucked Albert while his wife, and probably her husband, watched." "Wow, so you've had two? Lucky girl! "Almost not lucky. He could have gotten me pregnant." "But he didn't?" "No." "Definitely a lucky girl. Does Ryan know?" "Not yet." Tina suddenly swung her legs to the side and stood up, saying she was going to go take another shower. Irene watched her go, and still not feeling tired, but when she next realized where she was it was light outside, the vibrating toy beside her bed was gone, replaced by her own plastic friend and Tina was asleep, now partially under the sheets on her side facing the other way, her naked back all that Irene could see. Standing up she smelled sex as soon as she lifted the covers. Putting her friend back into her suitcase she padded naked in to take a morning shower herself. ~ It seemed strange for the four women to be eating breakfast without Ryan. Managements idea of them becoming a team certainly seemed to have gelled; they'd found themselves over the last few weeks sending queries about their present programs back and forth, relying on each other more and more for answers; often their queries and discussions exposing more problems with the current program. That it was going to be replaced seemed to be an unquestionably good decision. "He should be meeting us at the office," Irene answered, not even thinking that they had asked her specifically where he would be. "He decided to stay at home one more night since we weren't arriving until midnight." It seemed a logical answer, but internally Irene had been disappointed and was anxious to see Ryan. When he wasn't already at work, she was even more disappointed. When he hadn't arrived by half an hour late, she began to worry and sent him a text which received an automated response saying he was driving and would answer later. When he finally arrived an hour and a quarter late, they had all begun to get worried. "I guess I now remember why I never start this early," he said with a wry smile when the room unanimously greeted him with a "where have you been?" query. "What can I say, it's the Silicon Valley! Traffic was horrendous. I normally don't start until 10, and at that time it only takes me about 25 minutes to get here, but starting at 8, I left at 7 thinking it would be enough, but it's been a full 2 and a half hours. It's a good thing I'm staying at the hotel with you all!" His greeting to everyone, including Irene, was generic; a quick hug and a kiss, although as he removed his hand from her back after the hug it drifted down, a quick and gentle caress across her bottom. He was looking elsewhere, but she knew it was a personal greeting.
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