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Немного обо мне: "Yeah, that's what you get; fixed you up real good, Angel." Brenda gasped using her tongue to brush against the end of his cock which was hanging right over her face. She used her index finger to scrape his thick milky cum into her mouth, gasping and moaning sensually. The lithe teen diva could feel his perspiration dripping down onto her as she glanced up into his face self-assured. "Fuck Brenda." His massive gut was almost pressing against her face as his wife beater rode up from his position over the small, thin girl. "Apologize." Brenda demanded. "Shit." Angel pulled back stuffing his cock in his pants scraping the door frame as he side stepped into the hallway. He wanted nothing more to do with the spoiled brat, seeking the solace of his chopper. "HEY ANGEL!!" Brenda screamed after him, stumbling into the hallway as he regarded her. "WHAT?!!" She righted herself with some effort coughing up some of his cum before grinning at the criminal enforcer like a jackal. Angel watched as she shimmied out of the loose fitting boy shorts leaving them on the floor before lifting up the jersey revealing her shaved muff. "You can't handle this." Brenda let the jersey drop looking like a dress on her small frame as she used her fingers to make his own gang sign back at the man mountain in open jest. She couldn't help feeling like she'd finally gotten one over on him, breaking into laughter. He closed the distance between them so quick that Brenda was caught off guard shrieking loudly as the extra-large jersey was snatched from her body leaving her pink crew socks, the only bit of clothing on her body. She found herself snatched up off the floor like she weighed nothing held up against the wall looking down at the wild mane of hair covering his head. There was something youthful about his brown eyes that struck her more than the fear of being manhandled. She gritted her teeth not knowing what was coming next before being snatched down as he shoved her bedroom door open with enough force to make it slam heavily into the wall and vibrate from the force alone. Brenda yelped as she flew through the air landing on the bed, nearly crashing into the headboard. She scrambled on the mattress as he yanked on an ankle drawing her narrow butt to the edge of the bed, flailing about until the matching limb was captured. Brand flopped about like a wet fish on land as he turned the girl into a human wishbone sinking his face into her crotch. She gasped feeling his tongue penetrate her snatch while his lips sucked hard against her slit. The sensation made her cry out loudly, digging her fingers into his huge, unkempt mane of hair. Brenda humped wildly up into his face, losing herself as he sucked so hard on her clit that she tried to push him off, eventually slapping at his head out of pleasure mixed with agony. Angel tossed her aside like a weightless doll, taking the time to peel off his wife beater. Once the shirt was gone, Brenda gasped at his massive, muscular torso with pecks sporting dueling Mexican skull tattoos along with a myriad number of smaller shapes and objects in tandem with completely sleeved arms. The only unifying symbol on his arms was a large anaconda snake with the open fanged head ending just above his right wrist, the rest of the drawn body ending above his left wrist. His sculpted chest gave way to a massive sloping belly offset by narrow hips and muscular legs which accounted for his deceptive speed in street fights. From her point of view, Angel looked almost as big as her mattress making her bedroom seem that much smaller. "Alright Brenda, let's see what you got." She found herself eye level with his penis. The crown on his massive penis barely parted her lips when she instinctively tried to back away, but he held fast to her waist deciding to go for broke, essentially a "ripping off the band-aid" aesthetic as he buried his cock to the hilt in her tight snatch. Her blood curdling scream could probably be heard a house or two over as Angel went from 0 to 1000 in seconds. There was nothing she could do but wrap her arms around his neck and take it as his cock destroyed her virtue. Despite the thick bushy mustache and chest length beard that hid a youthful looking face, Angel's lips found one of her plump breasts sucking hard on the erect nipple. Unknowingly, he'd found her weak spot as her cunt tightened up so much that he was barely able to move. Brenda couldn't help working her hips up into his thrusts beginning to orgasm, clamping down on the middle of his shaft. "¡Joder, estás masticando mi polla con tu boquita aquí abajo! Brenda tu coño es realmente jodidamente apretado!!" "AH FOLLAR QUE MIERDA ES TODO EL CAMINO EN MI ESTÓMAGO!" Brenda screamed back acknowledging the absolute pounding she was receiving as the strength left her arms. She flopped down flat on the bed completely impaled on the end of his enormous schlong. She didn't know what to do grabbing handfuls of his hair with the intent to rip it out of the socket, before quietly just tapping out on the bed, eventually beating it with her fist until Angel relented. "So, you done with all that "Apology" shit, eh Brenda?" She covered her face with both hands hiding her defeated expression before he pried them apart smiling. He was also breathing hard, glistening with perspiration from head to toe. Brenda didn't answer pointing weakly at her bedside table. Puzzled, he opened it finding a box of condoms. Her repeated motioning toward the open drawer prompted him to retrieve a few which she dutifully rolled onto the upper portion of his cock. "What the fuck?" She tapped at his thigh, pushing him back until she was able to roll onto her stomach lying face down. Angel found himself staring down at her tight, peachy looking butt. "Cuh-come on." "Man, you're done; cut this shit out." Brenda flattened her palms out almost in a push up position raising her butt in the air. Her labia was sore and puffy from the extreme rutting, the skin reddened as she tried to move it around a little as Angel face palmed. "Dios mío, ¿qué les pasa a las mujeres de esta familia?"He reached down fondling her meager cheeks, a little taken aback at her pride. "Come on, fuh-fuh, fuck me; you bastard." Brenda whimpered. "Ah fucking dumbass, you act just like your mother." His features softened as he straddled the back of her thighs letting his cock rest dead center on her tiny butt. He leaned over assuming a prone position atop the petite diva sawing his member along her crack and upper thighs. Brenda moaned, secretly grateful that he hadn't resumed pounding her. The petulant girl was beyond wrecked, with her cunt feeling almost as it a baseball bat had invaded her walls. "I want-I want you to cum." She almost sounded like she was pleading, begging him to climax reaching back using her fingers interlocked to trap his cock in her shallow rear cleavage. "Yeah, that feels good, keep doing that, Brenda." "Oh, okay." She replied meekly. Brenda couldn't deny the soothing nature as his member rubbed and caressed her smallish, tight butt and neither could he luxuriating in the friction as his inner thighs tightened. He could feel the tension flow out of her body as he righted himself on his knees. The sawing motion had her moaning as she became ambitious spreading her flower open from the back. "Vale, cariño, voy a brillar lentamente esta vez, ¿de acuerdo?" "Vale, jódeme bien Angel." Brenda cooed, a little afraid as his crown stretched her puffy, lower lips apart disappearing inside. He just used the head at first, slowly working in half eventually bottoming out only to let it rest inside. This time she was given the opportunity to adjust, involuntarily tensing up around his girth until she began to hump vertically signaling the need for more. His thick member thumped the back of her tunnel on every thrust earning an audible sigh as she squeezed tight with each withdrawal. From his vantage, it almost felt like there was a hand inside of her cunt stroking his cock. It was a feeling he could get used to, but he fought off the thought picking up speed gradually until he was screwing her properly. "Aquí tienes bebé." He barely had time to pull out soiling her meager cheeks and lower back with his seed making a gooey mess before rolling off on his back. Brenda reached back getting a hand covered in his spunk, finding no joy in it due to her surrender. "I-I'm good, right?" "Yeah, sure." "Better than Angie, right?" "I don't know; never fucked her before." "But, why can't you just say it, Angel?" Her face was the picture of sadness, mouth agape almost as if she were about to cry. "Because Brenda, that would be a lie and I don't put shit on people's names; it's bad karma. You two should work this shit out. You're practically sisters and I think it's really just a misunderstanding of some sort." "How can you say that when she broke my nose, fucked my man and even moved in with mom's boyfriend; fucked him too?" Angel was breathing hard looking up at the bedroom ceiling knowing her tricks all too well before turning towards the spoiled teen, cupping her chin. "Cut the shit; where's that guy live, anyway?" Brenda smiled thinking she was about to get a little revenge. ************************************************************************************* "You just gotta do it, be firm with her." Louis had just finished dressing in the washed and freshly ironed clothing left on his bed by his young charge and lover of convenience. The bedroom surrounding their bed was partially trashed with both of their intermingled articles of clothing and swag the teen had purchased in the short time of the shared cohabitation. Louis was sweating it out knowing he needed to talk with Angie Delgado about going to school. She'd been stonewalling him and using sex to get her way from the moment she arrived. He'd seen firsthand what she was like fully enraged after witnessing her second brief encounter with cousin Brenda. His heartstrings were tugged hard enough to take the ousted eighteen year old into his home where she wasted no time seducing him after determining his particular proclivity. Angie Delgado overwhelmed him with her voluptuous curves giving him a veritable overdose of sexual activity revolving around her fifty six inch ass. "Ah, she's not gonna listen." He told his reflection. She certainly earned her keep even besides all the sex by keeping everything outside of their bedroom spotless. Angie made sure to have food on the table of a plate in the microwave if she were out and was pretty much a joy to be around. The large pear shaped girl was much more talkative, sometimes watching television with him or sharing a beer, but he knew it was fundamentally wrong. He tried hinting at her returning to school which usually resulted in her playing dumb or taking his cock in her mouth. Sometimes Angie would cite the fact that she was technically an adult not needing a piece of paper to validate her existence; other times a playful argument would ensue which would end up in some sort of sexual play or activity. He couldn't deny the inherent joy of sleeping with the baby faced teen with a heart of iron. So, he just went with the flow reaping the sexual benefits in abundance. He shrugged knowing that he'd make the suggestion and see how it went as he exited the bedroom. "Hey Louis, you hungry for fish? I'm thinking of making us some tilapia, so you gonna have to come up off some dollars." "Sure, sure Angie." He went into his wallet wondering if he should even bring up the school issue as his eyes scanned across the wide expanse of the cherubic girl's huge butt. Angie was wearing a pink sleeved baby t-shirt and a small pair of sheer black panties. There was no doubt of her intent to sexually gaslight the middle aged ex-boyfriend of her aunt. Angie was lying on her tummy lazily watching some cartoons on his couch. "Uhm, something wrong, Louis?" "Well, I was thinking perhaps you, might want to go to school today. I mean, if you need a note I can write you one and all, Angie." His voice trailed off at the end of the sentence. "Only my Tia can write a note, she's my guardian you know, Louis?" She used the remote to change the channel a couple of times as his eyes danced across her wide butt. "Well, I was just thinking." Again his voice trailed off as she propped herself up on her elbows still not looking at her benefactor. "Stop thinking about that shit, Louis; I told you I was gonna get my G.E.D, so get off my ass. Man, I was really looking forward to making that tilapia for you, but I guess you don't want no two hour blowjob, eh?!!" That was how it went since she'd taken up residence in his home and bedroom. "I'm not trying to upset you or anything, little flower." He fished out a couple of twenties placing them on the coffee table, assuming a hunched over posture. Angie glanced over at the bills looking up to find him opening the front door to leave, silently cursing herself before calling out. "Louis." "Yes little flower?" "Hold up, I got something for you to take to work." He stopped in the screen door as she sat up facing him. Angie slid the sheer panties down her thighs, removing them with a flourish before tossing them at the wide eyed man. He caught them in both hands, looking incredulous at her sudden action. "Shit." "You bring those back to me, okay?" Angie got up on her knees facing away from Louis, slightly letting her thick, olive hued cheeks clap. A single bead of sweat ran down his brow as Angie licked her lower lip. "Yeah, sure." She knew he wanted to jump her, but employment took precedence over lust for once as he disappeared behind the closed front door. Angie sat staring at the closed front door for twenty minutes after he was gone, pondering her fate. She was still angry at being kicked out of her aunt's house, but more angry with the turn of events leading up to her expulsion. Brenda got what she deserved as far as the cherubic, troubled teen was concerned. It felt good taking a little back after finding out what her cousin really thought about her and the living situation at the house with her being relegated to being a maid. Brenda had come looking for a fight after finding out that she'd taken Jose's cherry, so Angie thought to stick the knife in further by revealing that she'd also screwed her side guy, too. She reasoned that it wasn't her fault that Brenda got caught up in her feelings thinking that she could fight someone physically bigger and stronger. Angie chaffed at the memory of her cousin trying to break into her locked room with a knife. Angie reasoned that she was just defending herself, smiling at the memory of finally clocking her arrogant cousin in her prominent nose. Brenda scurried like a rat back into her room, calling her mother who should have some of that hand action, too. Anyway she got kicked out, so she took Louis as well. It wasn't hard; rather it was all too easy opening his nose with the same monster ass she'd been ridiculed about. There was no doubt she had him under her thumb. Angie fished her phone out of the couch cushions. "Hey Eddie, what're you doing?" "Nothing, just gaming." Her recent acquaintance answered back from the other end of the phone. The mildly rich Korean sounded nervous making her giggle a bit, cupping her hand to her mouth. Angie turned on her console staring at his nonexistent online status. "Stop lying, I don't see you on my screen." "Uhm, I was just about to get online." Eddie stammered as she heard some movement on the other end of the line. "What were you really doing Eddie; be honest?" There was a long pause on the line. "Looking at porn." Angie laughed making the inexperienced teen feel anxious enough that he almost hung up in her face. She heard him mumble something under his breath in his native language. "Hey, don't get mad Eddie; I think it's cool to get off. There ain't a damn thing wrong with getting a little stress relief. I masturbate too, so don't let your ego get in the way." "You really masturbate?" "Yeah." "Why?" He sounded confused. "Excuse me?" "You're beautiful; you can get any guy you want." Eddie answered plainly taking her by surprise. Angie wasn't used to guys relating to her in any other manner than sexually. She glanced around Louis' apartment before raising the phone back to her ear again. "Trying to blow my head up, payaso?" "No, it's true." He answered as she pressed two fingers to her temple, contemplating his words further. "So, did you cum yet?" "WHAAAAT?!!" His outburst made her giggle even more, cupping a hand over her mouth as a mischievous idea crossed her mind. Angie drew both of her feet up spreading her legs wide apart before snapping a pic of her bare slit. She spread her flower open with two fingers, taking another photo before texting it to Eddie. "Hey fool, I just sent you something." "Sent me something?" "Yeah, check it out Eddie." She lifted up her baby tee snapping a photo of her left breast, texting that as well. "O jenjang, geu bil-eo meog-eul yeoja jom bwa! o aenji, gomawoyo! wa!!" Angie snapped a few more pics encouraged by his response. "I don't speak Korean Eddie; do you like those pics?" "OH YES!!" Angie had to pull the phone away from her ear because of the outburst. "It's better this way because I'm a real girl you've met; so, think you can cum with those or do you need a little more stimulation?" "More stimulation?" "Yeah, haven't you ever tried doing it with a phone?" "No, what's that?" "Fuck Eddie, you're so dense; did you cum already, because I'm not doing this shit if you already blew your load!!" "NO I DIDN'T UHM, do it yet!!" The privileged teen stammered, making Angie giggle a bit as she reclined on the couch with the phone staring up at the ceiling. The large shapely teen stretched across the couch sighing into the phone in an exaggerated manner. "Eddie." "Yeah?" "I'm not wearing any panties." Angie began rubbing her muff, half gasping into the phone. She continued using her middle fingers on her slit, dipping one inside, sighing loudly. "Angie?" "You'd better be jerking it or I'm hanging up in your fucking face." There was some jumbled movement and thudding sounds flowed by forced heavy breathing. Angie continued rubbing and teasing her clit, rewarding her friend with a sensual moan or two as she jilled herself off. She lowered the phone level with her mound allowing him to hear her wetness. "Ah, I'm doing it; I'm jerking off, Angie." "You don't have to tell me, just do it; fuck you're so taking the fun out of this shit. Now, just listen to how wet I am, and jerk that fucking cock. Come on man, I'm doing you a solid, here." "Sorry." He apologized numbly. "Alright that's it, I'm done, Eddie. You just help yourself with those pictures cause I got shit to do. Next time a girl tells you she wants phone sex, just go with it instead of being an idiot." She sat up feeling stupid herself for entertaining the thought when she could've just gave it up to Louis, earlier. In truth, Angie liked being the focus of the older man's attention because he made her feel like the princess her cousin Brenda had always been perceived to be. She didn't mind letting him have his fill of her big, round ass, knowing it was all he really wanted. Angie didn't find anything wrong with that, chiding her aunt for being such an ass to a good man who asked for very little in return. "Sorry." "It's okay Eddie; I was being kind of a bitch anyway. Look, I'm gonna get off this phone, so have fun with those pictures and don't rub yourself raw or nothing." "ANGIE!"
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