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Bailey MoralesMorales

Bailey Morales Morales

Немного обо мне: "Fuck, she read my thoughts of my resent fuck session!" "I am providing for you the schematics for a devise that will process CO2 emissions into base carbon and pure oxygen. The devise can be retrofit to coal power stations and over time will cleanse Earth's atmosphere to healthy levels. Once you patent this devise one of your companies can produce the industry sized units for about $20,000. They should be sold for just about $2,000,000 making the price point doable for utility companies. They can sell their carbon emissions credits on the open market and recoup their costs." "You can also make household sized units that would retro fit into A/C units producing oxygen rich clean air back into the house. This will again benefit your Earth and increase your wealth. We know your world and many countries will try to duplicate your technology. But they will never succeed." "Integral to the design is a rare mineral found only on our planet. Your contaminated air will be run through your unit and its interaction with our mineral will be what will infract and produce the pure oxygen. When the time is right our supply ships will deposit tons of that mineral into that old slate quarry in the back of your property. By the way you now own hundreds of acres surrounding this cabin. Previous land owners were well compensated to sell." "Now it is time to mate again," she said almost clinically. She stood and let me look at her. Fuck if she didn't look just like my scientist, Latisha. "I read your mind that you recently mated with this human and found her very pleasurable so I morphed to look like her. Now come fuck me. I think 'fuck me' is the correct term for what you want to do. Right Mr. Michael Sir?" she thought into my mind as she walked across the cabin and ran her soft hand along my fat cock. Looking over her shoulder she entered my bedroom. With my eyes I followed her chocolate dark ass, plump and full and swaying back and forth. She was on my bed on her all fours with her ass pointing in my direction. I could smell her scent from the doorway. It was hypnotizing. I was so caught up by her that my boner was sticking out from under my shirt. I stripped down and my cock pointed straight out and as hard as a space rocket. I climbed onto the bed and inched myself closer to the center of her legs. When my cock was hovering over the entrance to her pussy she reached one hand onto my dick and rubbed my cockhead up and down between her pussy lips. Her pussy honey felt like liquid lava and her scent was intoxicating. With my dick at her opening I pushed into her. I almost passed out from the pleasure of being in her hot, tight pussy. With me behind her she began to fuck me by pushing her hips backwards and forwards. Once my almost eight inches were fully in deep her pussy seemed to tighten up. She thrust backwards to get me to tap onto her womb then pulled her ass away until I almost slid out. She worked on my dick increasing her speed a little at a time. I knew I was about to cum and I sensed she did too because her cunney got even tighter. When I started to cum she pushed her ass onto my thighs and my cockhead centered against her womb. Her pussy then began to milk my cock of my cream. I came four or five times ejecting my thick hot cum and saw stars behind my closed eyes. Her pussy was so tight by now that I could not even pull back. She held me fully into her until my dick stopped pulsing. I could hear a rumble in her chest and thought she is purring. She dropped her head to the pillow to work my cum down into her womb. After some time she pulled forward and my dick slid out. I fell down to the bed next to her and I dozed off. I awoke a bit later to feel her licking my dick and balls of our combined spunk. When she was done she cuddled up like spoons and I felt her now larger breasts push into my back and we both fell asleep. I next awoke in the early morning and went into the kitchen then made myself a good breakfast. Latisha was back to her feline form and it would have been easy for her to rip me apart with her teeth. Sensing what I was thinking she padded over to me and rubbed her furred head against my neck and then took a soft nip then licked that spot. Latisha morphed into a human female again and slowly sunk to her knees between my thighs as I sat on the kitchen chair. She engulfed my cock with her wet warm lips. Her mouth slowly slid to the base of my cock taking all of my thick hard cock. She tightened her lips and sucked upwards until she had just my dickhead held captive. Her tongue licked my dick knot driving me crazy. She popped my dick out then dangerously nipped my cockhead. She padded back towards my bedroom on her human hands and knees. Her ass swayed along with her dark tail. Into my thoughts suddenly came, "Michael, I have been a very bad girl you need to take care of that." I turned and 'Latisha' was standing at the bedroom door holding my hair brush. Her breasts where milk chocolate for emphasis and her 'fur' surrounding her pussy was sparse which made her nether lips very promenante. Latisha thought to me and said, "Yes Michael I can read your thoughts and know what pleases you." She padded over to my kitchen chair and handed me the hair brush. She then lay across my lap and swayed her ass back and forth. "I think your Mary Anne likes the pain and pleasure you applied to her ass. Is 'Ass' the correct word Michael?" She tucked her tail up across her back and pushed up her ass towards me and growled. Her ass cheeks were now large and firm and I started running my hands over her tight dark skin. I ran my finger up her vulva and they became coated with her fragrant pussy juice. I slapped the back of the brush hard on one cheek. She let out a growl and said, "More, use more force on my ass, get me hot back there." I began a series of three smacks that got increasingly harder, like smack, Smack, SMACK! Latisha swished her tail back and forth in the air and it would vibrate when I hit her the hardest. I watched as her skin turned paler then turned bright red. I sensed that I should not go easy with her so I spanked her ass with the brush until she started to whine and growl deeply. I stopped then ran my hands over her ass. Latisha's tail rose straight up showing me the rosebud hiding under it. I dipped my fingers into her soaking wet pussy and pulled her pussy honey upwards and coated that rosebud. Latisha growled lowly so I slowly pushed two fingers into her ass and moved them in and our. "Mr. Michael I read that it pleases you greatly to play with that with your female mates. It feels unnatural to me but I will let you continue," she 'whispered' into my thoughts. Latisha's tail swayed and rubbed my chest. Since Latisha did not attempt to move away I massaged her asshole with more honey and more fingers till her rosebud was open wide. I felt claws on my calves so I stopped. Latisha stood but then laid her breasts down on the kitchen table and pointed her ass back at me. Taking the opportunity I ran my tongue from her clit through her pussy lips and across her rosebud. She spayed a heavily scented stream onto the kitchen floor and growled. Her pussy honey began to pour out from between her cunny lips. I captured her vulva within my mouth and sucked down the warm sweet juices that poured out. I stood up and ran my hard dick against her pussy and bathed it with that pussy juice. I then placed my dick against her asshole and told her to push back. As my ET Latisha pushed back my dick slid deep down her ass chute. When her ass stopped against my crotch Latisha began to move up and down on my cock. "Our race does not use that hole in our mating ritual but I am beginning to experience what you call pleasure there. You may use my 'ass' filling it with that big man cock. Fill it in deep and hard. But don't you cum there Mr. Michael," Latisha growled. I pounded away at her ass for several minutes caring only about my pleasure. Her ass was so tight squeezing my full long dick. I so wanted to cum into her dark hot hole but Latisha sensed I was getting close to cumming so she pulsed her ass tightly around my dick and shut off my urge to finish. Latisha then pushed me backwards onto my kitchen chair. With my cock still in her ass she moved her ass around on my lap for some time like a Las Vegas call girl. Latisha slid off my cock and turned around to sit on my lap. My fat wet cock lay erect between us like a fat hot Saturn rocket ready to launch. Her hot pussy juice leaked out onto my balls and found its way along my anus. I trembled from the pleasure. She moved and brought her breasts over my lips. "Bite them!" she ordered. As I bit my way across each large breast her color lightened letting me see the red teeth marks I was leaving as I traveled towards her nipples. When I captured each nipple I bit down hard and pulled backwards and they grew fat and long. Latisha growled loudly then finding my own nipples with her hands she attacked them with equal force. I moaned until she let go. I slid my fingers between us and rubbed Latisha's clit till she began to shudder. I explored the lips and opening of her pussy with my fingers until they were fully coated with her honey. I brought them to her mouth and she licked them clean. "Now Latisha, you are wet and ready for my big human cock, do it now," I ordered. Latisha slid upward till her pussy lips were centered over my cock. Reaching between her legs she grasped the base of my cock and placed my head against her pussy opening. She slowly pushed down and stopped only when she reached my lap and my full thick cock was shoved fully up her cunt. Latisha growled deeply and swayed her hips back and forth setting my dick as deep up her cunt as possible. From fully down on my balls Latisha then with an intense tightness pulled up to my cock helmet. She began to ride my cock down and up and tighter and tighter. I reached up and pulled on Latisha's hair till she growled straight to the ceiling. "Latisha, I am gonna cum soon," I moaned. She pulled up to my cock helmet then slammed down with her pussy and drove my cock up to her womb. She let out a loud wild feline growl and I felt claws scrap my back as she slightly transitioned to the cat then back to human-like form. Latisha pumped and sucked my cock with her pussy until I could not hold back. I grabbed her hair with two hands and slammed my cock up into her womb and let go with a salvo of five, six, seven ropes of my thick hot cum. She tightened her pussy around my cock and milked all the cum I had discharged directly into her womb. I came so intensely that I passed out again. When I awoke I was sitting on the chair leaning on the kitchen table. On wobbly legs I walked into my bedroom and crashed onto my bed on my back. Latisha crawled on all fours over my body. She slowly sunk her mouth down my dick till her lips kissed my lap. She began to suck my blood into my cock making it the hardest and largest it felt all weekend. "OK human you owe me one more fuck. I'm gonna ride your cock till you feel you are dying and then my cunt is gonna milk whatever sperm you have left in those huge human balls," Latisha's thoughts exploded into my brain. Latisha slid her mouth to my cockhead and sucked hard. When she pulled off my cockhead was purple and throbbing. She wet the head through her pussy lips then sank my cock up her cunt in one violent shove. Her tight cunt walls then began to milk my cock. Up and down, tighter and tighter. All too soon I felt my balls tighten and burning sperm shot up the length of my cock and exploded against her womb. "That's it human man shoot your hot cum deep up Latisha's cunt. Give me that fourth offspring with your hot man cum. Keep your bargain as I use you for my needs and the needs of our race. Give me it all," she growled as five, six, seven pulses of thick hot cum blasted out of my cockhead. I don't know from where that extra cum came from. She pushed down even further and I felt my cockhead surrounded by the tight top of her hot oven. She leaned down and bit my neck so hard I fainted. I woke up next morning starving and I could tell I was alone. I went to the bathroom and looked at my neck in the mirror. It was all bruised and bite marks showed dried blood. I came to the conclusion that this feline Latisha was a wild one and I was glad to have survived the experience. Anastasia must have kept herself busy using the dog door to go outside. I locked that door and packed up to return to the city. I wondered what I would experience next week.
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