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Tamesha Hawthorne Hawthorne

Немного обо мне: "Take me hunting with you," my wife said when I walked in the door after work. "I want to go hang out at the cabin with you this week," she added. Usually the deer camp consists of several guys sitting around a campfire and hunting all weekend. I didn't think that she would enjoy being left alone for hours each day while I hunted during my week-long sprint. "It's probably going to be boring for you," I said. ... We arrived at the hunting camp just as the others were also arriving. Several of the guys have been hunting here for a long time. "Well, hello," bellowed a brawny man in a flannel shirt. "Who is this cool drink of water?" he asked as he motioned towards my wife. "This is my wife; this is Earl," I said. "Call me Big E, ma'am," he said as he shook her hand. His eyes looked up and down her body. I noticed a slight blush come over her as she watched him checking her out. ... As E returned from his morning hunt early, he stumbled upon an amazing sight. My wife was walking through the middle of the camp half naked as she searched for her bag. Long after E had taken in a good view, she noticed him at the window. "You're so beautiful and your tits are huge! Give me another little peek," Big E said to her. "Absolutely not!" she shrieked. "Come on, it's just the two of us and it's not like I didn't just see them," he said. "Fine," she said as she raised her shirt slightly to expose the underside of her breasts. "Oh! You can do better than that." "Let me see those beautiful melons," he pleaded. She turned her head around the room and lifted her shirt for him. "Wow! You are so sexy," he told her. "I'm glad you're here this weekend." "I hope I'll get to see some more of you," obviously referring to her body. "I'd like to get a look at that too," he said as he motioned to her crotch. "Maybe I'll just show you at dinner," she said jokingly. "I don't think you'll do it. I don't think you'll flash me under the table with all of these guys sitting around you." But Big E was wrong. She was never one to back down from a challenge. Later that evening as we were all seated around the table, I noticed Big E holding his phone under the table and smiling. Later, I discovered why. A freshly shaved pussy was being flaunted in front of him- "for" him. ... As she worked on her puzzle, E walked towards her with nothing but his towel concealing his engorged cock. He leaned in closer, then his shaft parted the towel and found itself in her soft hands. She stroked him for a few minutes while no one was in the room. When the door handle jiggled, her hands went back to her puzzle and E went to his room. ... The next afternoon I went out for a hunt. E asked my wife, "would you like to go for a ride on the side-by-side?" "Sure!" she exclaimed. They rode off to a remote part of the lease where no other hunters traveled so as not to disturb anyone's hunting and so that they wouldn't get caught doing what E had planned, I'm sure. "Are you having a good time?" he asked as she grinned. "Yes!" she screamed over the roar of the engine. "I can't believe someone would bring their smoking hot wife out here around a bunch of guys. That's asking for trouble." "Let's stop up her for a minute. I've got to pee" she said. E pulled over and killed the engine. "Go ahead and pee. I won't look," he said to her as he turned his back. As soon as the urine started flowing he turned and approached her. He had a full view of her backside as a stream of pee shot out. "Stop! You aren't supposed to watch me pee," she halfheartedly cried. Despite her protests, he edged closer to her as she continued to relieve herself. "Whoa! You really had to pee," he said as he moved even closer and leaned in for a closer inspection. "Stop it! You said you wouldn't look!" she exclaimed. As she finished, he began unbuttoning his pants. She paused as she waited for E to make his move. As expected, he moved in behind her and guided himself into her hole. Her anticipation had made her soaking wet and her tube offered no resistance as he buried himself deeper into her. She grabbed the edge of the machine as he continued to ravage her in the middle of the forest. "Oh my God! Fuck me! Harder, harder," she screamed. He slammed his hips against hers as he thrusted his huge member fully into her. "Oh yes! That feels so good," she moaned. E placed both hands on her hips and pulled her into him with each movement. They rocked together as his orgasm built up. It drew nearer and nearer. As her legs began to shake, E slammed into her and released his semen deep in her. Spurt after spurt painted the walls of her vagina which tensed with each pulse. Their juices clung to her snatch as she stayed frozen in position. "Let's go back now. We don't want people to start any rumors about what might have happened out here," she said. She could feel the warmth of his load deep inside her as they drove toward the camp. Even after the bumpy ride back to the camp, his jizz hung inside her pussy. Without speaking to anyone, she went straight to the shower. Big E went to the fireside and rocked back in his chair with no attempts to conceal his recent activities. The others looked at me to see if I was going to acknowledge his body language which clearly told the tale of him just having fucked. ... "Did you get lost or stuck?" I asked. "Stuck?" she thought as she was most thoroughly stuck, alright. "No. We just went for a long ride." Another phrase that wreaked of innuendo. Without another word, she mounted me and engulfed my shaft with her mouth. She never gives blowjobs so I instantly knew that she was feeling guilty for something. As I flipped her over, I saw E's cum still in her and my suspicions were confirmed. I diverted my attention to her asshole and entered her swiftly. I held off as long as I could but the thought of my wife having both her holes loaded with cum made it difficult. I emptied my balls in her ass and laid down on the bed. "So, how is it being the camp wife?" I asked. "Is everyone being good to you?" "Oh yes. They're being very nice," she said. "Especially E?" I asked. Her face went white as she realized that I knew what had transpired between them. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened to me." "It's okay. I'm not mad. You should see if the others need any attention before we leave," I told her. I don't think she could believe what she was hearing. "Are you saying you want me to fuck your hunting buddies?" "I'm saying that you are free to have a good time if you want to." I rolled over and went to sleep. ... Later that night I woke up to find my wife missing. I crept down the hallway to discover her in the middle of the room with a man between her legs, a cock in her mouth and her hand going to work on a third. She looked to be in complete ecstasy as she was being used by the three men. I thought she looked even more beautiful than ever as she pleasured the three of them simultaneously. She was completely oblivious to my presence. I watched as she was being pummeled by long strokes of a cock in and out of her hole. I could tell that she was about to have her pussy filled again. With a loud groan, my buddy slammed his cock fully in her and pumped her full of his juice. It flowed out of her gaping hole which had obviously been getting pounded for a while before my arrival. They must have been tag teaming her while each built up closer to orgasm. The man receiving the hand job moved around between her legs. He entered her soaked pussy and proceeded to pound her rapidly. After just a few minutes, he pulled his cock out and jacked it furiously before he let his load explode all over her naked torso. The cumshot spanned from her clit to her tits. The sight of my wife splattered with another's jizz was spectacular. Big E, who had been filling her mouth with his cock, moved around and pressed his member to her asshole. She rocked her hips back to help him make his entry. He grabbed her nipples and teased them as he started filling her ass. Jizz continued to pour out of her as E worked in and out of her bum. As E continued to thrust in her ass, he flicked her clit which caused her to explode in ecstasy, spraying her juices all over both of them. For the second time, E emptied his load into her and continued to spurt his cum on her as he withdrew from her hole. She sat up and wiped herself off as the men left the room. I snuck back to our room and pretended to be asleep. She walked down the hallway towards our room. She climbed into bed next to me and passed out. ... When I returned from lunch, she was in the shower and I joined her. I definitely needed relief after having to watch from the shadows as my wife was spit roasted before my very eyes. ... I packed up for the evening hunt and asked, "what are you going to do for the evening until I get back?" "I'll probably just stay inside and try to relax," she said. As I drove away, I noticed that E had not yet left the camp. I couldn't help but wonder if he was going to have another go at his new fucktoy. ... E was still taking his nap when she crawled on the bed and straddled him. She gently pulled his shaft from his trousers and stroked it to life. E lifted his head realizing that he wasn't dreaming. "That's one way to wake someone up," he said with a chuckle as she swirled her tongue around the top of his penis. She softly enveloped him between her lips and slid her mouth up and down his shaft. E grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her head with his hands as he rocked his hips. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and shifted herself higher up on him. She gently lowered herself onto his rod and leaned back as it filled her. Her mountainous tits filled his view as she bounced up and down on him. E picked her up and placed her down on the bed. He parted her legs to expose her gaping hole. He pressed himself against her entrance as he leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth. He worked it with his lips and tongue as she bucked against him. Without entering her, he rubbed his tip around her hole until she exploded. He stood up and filled her. She let out a sigh of pleasure as he reach full depth. Slowly, he worked his shaft in and out of her occasionally reach down to knead her breasts or grab her shoulders for leverage. Their sensual romp continued for twenty minutes. His long, slow strokes made her quiver with each change of direction. He quickened his pace as she moaned louder and louder. With a passionate, deep thrust, he roared out and blasted her full of his cum again. She rose up from the bed and slipped down the hallway in nothing but a towel. ... The guys were all sitting by the campfire when she walked out of the house. Her shirt was opened to expose her massive cleavage. Her lace bra struggled to contain her breasts as she leaned over to feel the warmth of the fire. "Can you help me with the hot water," she asked my buddy who owned the cabin. "Certainly," he said as he glanced at me for a nod of approval. The two went inside while the rest of us stayed by the fire. As he examined the water heater, she slipped off her clothes and wrapped herself in a towel. "It should be on. Go and check it," he told her. "I'm not getting any hot water," she called out to him from the room. "Can you come take a look?" When she heard his footsteps, she dropped the towel and leaned over the bed to expose her awaiting hole. "Are you sure you want to do this right now," he asked. "Get in here and fuck me," she demanded. Without protest, he buried his cock into her. "Faster!" she said with a breathy voice. He placed his hand on her ass for stability as he sped up his thrusting. "Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes!" she cried as he continued to drive his shaft in and out of her tube. "Ah fuck!" he yelled and then he dumped a full load of hot cum in her. She sat there as his juice seeped out of her freshly fucked hole. Exhausted from the rough and vigorous pounding, she collapsed on the bed as her man went into the bathroom. She followed him in there to let more of his massive cumload exit her. She took his semi-erect cock in her mouth to lap up more of his juices that were spilling out. After a quick shower, she laid in the bed to read a book as she recovered. I entered the room shortly afterwards. "Having a good time?" I asked. "Yes. Very much so," she said. "How many?" I asked referring to the number of times she'd fucked this week "I've lost count but it's been a lot," she said with a tone of exhaustion. "But I wouldn't mind one more," she said as she turned to reveal her nakedness to me. I slid behind her and wrapped my arms around her as I kissed the back of her neck. I gently rubbed her shoulders as I pressed into her opening. The remnants of her multiple cumshots provided ample lubrication. I made slow, deep strokes in and out of her tender hole. Four men having their turn at one woman for several days did a number on her. Despite her exhaustion, she was able to still have an orgasm. I worked my hands up and down her body as I neared climax. When I was about to cum, I pulled myself tightly against her in a warm embrace. I held her tightly as I unloaded into her. The last creampie of the week leaked out of her as she drifted off to sleep.
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Личный сайт: https://bestpornever.me
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